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The Bean and the Dream

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Edson Athaíde*, Publicitário

Reading suggestions

PRÉMIO gives you four reading suggestions for this quarter.

Girl MOVE Academy distinguished by UNESCO

An award for both the work and methodology developed for the education of Mozambican girls and women. A transformative movement that brings together young women of different ages and distinct phases of development to gain mutual inspiration, support and transformation.

It’s the efficiency of the justice, stupid!

Nuno Azevedo Neves, DLA Piper ABBC Country Managing Partner 

What does Afghanistan mean to us?

Bruno Cardoso Reis, Sub-director do Centro de Estudos Internacionais do ISCTE-IUL

Beijing and Kabul: an alignment of interests

Raquel Vaz Pinto, Researcher at IPRI-NOVA Uni.

Framework and prospects for the next Bilateral Summit

Marta Betanzos Roig, Ambassador of Spain in Portugal

Happy grapes for happy wines

Pinhal da Torre
International markets account for around 90% of Pinhal da Torre wine sales. The properties hosting the vines are located in Alpiarça, in the Tejo wine growing region. In the past, the firm strove to produce the maximum quantity. However, the objective for the last three decades has been rather different.

A place made so that memories do not dissipate

The first Iberian museum dedicated to the theme of the Shoah has already welcomed over 30,000 visitors since its opening in April of this year. Hugo Vaz, curator of the Oporto Museum of the Holocaust, explained how the concept of this space of memories and the importance of “never repeating one of the darkest episodes in history”. In the meanwhile, the objective of affirming its position as a destination to visit has been achieved.

The Age of America First

This article was originally published in the November/December 2021 issue of Foreign Affairs Magazine and on

Artigos recentes | Recent articles

The designer who conquered the world

Interview with Nini Andrade Silva
É conhecida como a ‘designer’ de interiores da Madeira, mas Nini Andrade silva gosta de tudo o que tem a ver com a arte e com o processo de criar. Já perdeu a conta aos prémios, nacionais e internacionais, que recebeu com as largas centenas de hotéis que desenhou nos mais variados pontos do mundo. E afirma que o seu ‘hobbie’ é trabalhar.

Strengthening Civil Society and its Capacity to Improve Quality of Life in Mozambique

Sarah James Founded on the ethics and values that drive inclusive progress and positive change, civil society institutions – from education and healthcare, to the...

“Without the private effort, the Portuguese State would not have been able to face the pandemic”

In an interview with PRÉMIO, Germano de Sousa, clinical pathologist and president of the josé Germano de Sousa Laboratory Medicine Centre, spoke about his career as a doctor, his former position as President of the Portuguese Doctors Association and the growth of his network of laboratories, operating in the field of clinical pathology laboratory trials and the main national player in this sector, currently performing 15 to 16% of Covid tests in Portugal.
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