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The Vaccine Revolution

How mRNA Can Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts

Practice What You Preach

Global Human Rights Leadership Begins at Home

What history tells you about post-pandemic booms

People spend more, take more risks—and demand more of politicians
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The dangers of The World in 2020: We must grown our own garden

Rui Tavares, Former Member of the Parliament 2009-2014 In one of the best novels ever, and in my opinion the satire that better describes our entry into modernity, a young man named Candide travels the world together with his philosophical...

192,000 people are on the route out of extreme poverty every day

Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, Partner Gama Glória It is now widely acknowledged that the world is getting worse, that living conditions are deteriorating, that there are fewer opportunities, that we are going backwards for the first time and that new generations...

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The designer who conquered the world

Interview with Nini Andrade Silva
É conhecida como a ‘designer’ de interiores da Madeira, mas Nini Andrade silva gosta de tudo o que tem a ver com a arte e com o processo de criar. Já perdeu a conta aos prémios, nacionais e internacionais, que recebeu com as largas centenas de hotéis que desenhou nos mais variados pontos do mundo. E afirma que o seu ‘hobbie’ é trabalhar.

Strengthening Civil Society and its Capacity to Improve Quality of Life in Mozambique

Sarah James Founded on the ethics and values that drive inclusive progress and positive change, civil society institutions – from education and healthcare, to the...

“Without the private effort, the Portuguese State would not have been able to face the pandemic”

In an interview with PRÉMIO, Germano de Sousa, clinical pathologist and president of the josé Germano de Sousa Laboratory Medicine Centre, spoke about his career as a doctor, his former position as President of the Portuguese Doctors Association and the growth of his network of laboratories, operating in the field of clinical pathology laboratory trials and the main national player in this sector, currently performing 15 to 16% of Covid tests in Portugal.
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