Monday, May 10, 2021

A journey through the empire of Mário Ferreira

Interview with Mário Ferreira, Pluris Investments
Boats are the true passion and the brand image of Mário Ferreira, a businessman from northern portugal. But the business of his Pluris Investments holding company goes much further. From hotels to helicopters, the real estate industry and tourist trains on the Tua Line through different sectors such as insurance, education or agriculture and technology. His most recent business and one of the most popular was the purchase of Media Capital and TVI.

The issue of gender equality is on the agenda and is currently one of the major challenges facing organizations. There is still a long way to go but Europe seems to be on the right track. Women are still under-represented in the decision-making process but the number of women in leadership positions in governments and international organisations has been increasing in recent years. 

Belief, utopia or reality

Júlio Magalhães, Journalist

Colours fading in Mandela’s rainbow

António Mateus, Journalist

Portugal rediscovered by the World

“The World in a Country” is the theme of Portugal’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, starting in October 2020 and with a duration of six months. The Portugal pavilion is almost built and is integrated into the Sustainability area, one of the sub-themes of the world exhibition.

Artigos recentes

The World in question

David Azevedo Lopes, President AEON Japan

Bogotá, capital of the reactivation...

Daniel Feged*, CEO Albión Group

Reflect on disorder

Francisco Seixas da Costa, Ambassador


An offer i could have reffused

Filipe Santos Costa, Journalist

Reflect on disorder

Francisco Seixas da Costa, Ambassador

The european guild

Sebastião Bugalho, Political Analyst 

How to pierce the ballons of populism

Ana Catarina Mendes, Parliamentary Leader of the Socialist Party

Banks and Committees of inquiry

Cecília Meireles, CDS-PP Member of Parliament


The designer who conquered the world

Interview with Nini Andrade Silva
É conhecida como a ‘designer’ de interiores da Madeira, mas Nini Andrade silva gosta de tudo o que tem a ver com a arte e com o processo de criar. Já perdeu a conta aos prémios, nacionais e internacionais, que recebeu com as largas centenas de hotéis que desenhou nos mais variados pontos do mundo. E afirma que o seu ‘hobbie’ é trabalhar.
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Portugal, a hymn to diversity

Who would have thought that a country with the geographical size of Portugal could have so many ‘terroirs’ for the production of great wines...

Corporate Governance in the new multi-stakeholder world: realities and challenges

António Gomes Mota, Full Professor at ISCTE Business School

On the side of Portugal

Francisco Calheiros, President of the Tourism Confederation of Portugal

More productivity, less stress

Erik Lassche, CEO Fullsix Portugal

Featured company

Bankinter: una historia de 55 años, cinco de ellos escritos en portugués

La historia de Bankinter comienza en plena Guerra Fría, en un momento en el que la necesidad de crear alianzas sólidas entre las dos orillas del Atlántico se sentía más que nunca debido al convulso contexto geopolítico. El 4 de Junio de 1965, dos importantes entidades financieras decidieron conjuntamente crear el Banco Intercontinental de España que, poco después, pasó a denominarse Bankinter. Estas dos instituciones fueron el Santander y el Bank of America. De las entidades financieras fundadas en España en aquel remoto año de 1965, solo Bankinter ha sobrevivido hasta ahora. Para Alberto Ramos, Country Manager de Bankinter Portugal, esta longevidad se explica en gran medida “por el enfoque permanente y la proximidad a los clientes, por la comodidad de los canales disponibles, por la solidez financiera y por la oferta de soluciones integrales e innovadoras”, características que, después de más de medio siglo, siguen formando parte del ADN del banco.


TechShare program with 10 portuguese companies

What opportunities may the capital market offer to technology companies and how can they prepare for an eventual IPO? Providing answers to these questions and supporting entrepreneurs to become familiar with the capital market is the main objective of Euronex’s TechShare program, launched in 2015. The 6th edition of this program, which started in October 2020 and should run until June 2021, comprises innovative companies from eight countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.

Resilience, innovation and ambition: the capital market and companies

Pedro Wilton, Senior Account Manager, Euronext Lisbon
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Science & Tecnology

Oporto: a sustainable city

The Northern Region of Portugal is making major investments in the field of sustainable mobility for both decarbonisation of transport and the creation of smart cities. Such effort earned it an international award. This investment is to be continued. The promotion of electric mobility and the creation of the right conditions for cities in the Oporto metropolitan area to become sustainable and smart cities or “cities of the future” has been one of the flags of municipalities in the northern region in recent times. In this regard, several measures have been implemented, from the purchase of vehicles causing less environmental impact...

STCP – Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto

Ana Valado PRÉMIO asked some questions to companies in the north of the country involved in the theme of Electric Mobility and who are providing a great contribution to the development of efficient cities. Manuel Queiró Chairman of the Board of Directors Oporto was the first city in the Iberian Peninsula to have the first electric car in 1895, causing at the time a revolution in the concept of public transport. How do explain that, after a 125-year cycle, electric transport is now back on the agenda? One of STCP’s main commitments is the adoption of technologically efficient solutions that promote positive, social and...


Ana Valado PRÉMIO asked some questions to companies in the north of the country involved in the theme of Electric Mobility and who are providing a great contribution to the development of efficient cities. Ângelo Ramalho, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Efacec Power Solutions What is the weight of electric mobility in the cities of the future, the so-called smart cities? Sustainable mobility is one of the fundamental pillars of smart cities and is based on electric mobility with energy generated from renewable sources. Electric mobility is currently part of our daily lives through different platforms, but we are...

ARAN – Associação Nacional do Ramo Automóvel

Ana Valado PRÉMIO asked some questions to companies in the north of the country involved in the theme of Electric Mobility and who are providing a great contribution to the development of efficient cities. Rodrigo Ferreia da Silva, President of ARAN In the National Energy and Climate Plan, the Government aspires that, by 2030, about 30% of cars will be electric. Do you think that’s possible? I think the goal of 30% of electric cars for 2030 is possible, but more importantly, the total number of cars should be more environmentally friendly. Currently, 1 in 6 cars is over 20 years old. It is...
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Are electric cars really the future? Should I buy one now?

There are more and more electric cars on sale, which means that there are more and more doubts in the minds of potential customers. Are battery-powered cars really the future? Should I buy one now? When scientists finally agreed on the reasons behind the mounting global warming, pointing the finger at carbon dioxide emissions, the different countries, and particularly the European Union, decided to act.


“The digital revolution is creating. A brave new (labour) world!”

Interview with Rosário Palma Ramalho, Full Professor At The Faculty Of Law Of Lisbon And President Of Portuguese Association Of Labour Law (APODIT)
In an interview with Prémio, the president of APODIT, Rosário Palma Ramalho,, tells us about the major changes taking place in the field of labour given the pandemic and the resulting changes in the way we work.

5G: the new piece of the digital puzzle

Isabel Ornelas, Managing Associate at VdA-Vieira de Almeida

O 5G in Portugal

Catarina de Medeiros Carreiro and Jaime Lino Neto, Abreu Advogados


“We want to convey the fact that Jews helped to build Portugal”

Interview with Esther Mucznik, Founder and President of the "Tikvá Museu Judaico de Lisboa"
Telling the story of the Jewish presence in Portugal in an appealing way is the main objective of the “Tikvá Museu Judaico de Lisboa”, to open its doors in the spring of 2024. In an interview with PRÉMIO, founder and president of the “Tikvá Museu Judaico de Lisboa”, told us about this project and its importance, about architect Daniel Libeskind who will bring it to life and the reason behind using the word “Tikvá”, which means “Hope” in Hebrew, in the name of the Museum.
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How is Brexit for you?

A couple of months after Britain finally took its great leap into the unknown, many businesses are still waiting to see where they will land. Others fear they have lost their footing for good.

The roles of corporate communications and PR are changing

Egbert Deekeling, fundador e sócio principal da Deekeling Arndt/amo


“We aim to launch privatisation in 2021”

Interview with Carlos Duarte, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENSA
Returning to profits in 2020, after a thorough process of financial reorganization, ENSA is currently betting on strengthening the brand and presence and wishes to ensure massification of Health insurance, without forgetting the digital channel. In an interview, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PCA, Carlos Duarte, takes stock of the first year of implementation of the Strategic Plan 2020-2022 from ENSA and outlines the priorities, including the completion of the first privatisation stage.

When timing comes late but comes in time for Mozambique

Pedro Cativelos, Executive Director of Media4Development
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“59% of the investment in Portuguese startups comes from the USA”

Interview with António Martins da Costa, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Portugal (AmCham Portugal)
António Martins da Costa, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Portugal, talks about AmCham Portugal and the path followed since it was established, seven decades ago, up to the present day, having become a true two-way highway. With the primary objective of boosting American investment and trade in Portugal, it began at some point supporting also Portuguese trade and investment in the USA.

“Portuguese companies have to adopt a long-term vision regarding Brazil”

Interview with Nuno Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce of São Paulo
Son of the current president of Portugal, Nuno Rebelo de Sousa is president of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce of São Paulo, chaired the Federation of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce in Brazil from 2016 to 2020 and is director of FIESP SMEs e Startups. Nuno assists companies trying to enter the Brazilian market and achieve business success, despite challenges such as the lack of government incentives, its continental size and inherent logistical challenge, and an unstable exchange rate.

Colombia: a land of opportunities!

Maria Elvira Pombo, Colombian Ambassador to Portugal

Bogotá, capital of the reactivation in Colombia

Daniel Feged*, CEO Albión Group

The end and the beginning of 2021

Bruno Rosa, Prémio

Asia and Middle East

The World in question

David Azevedo Lopes, President AEON Japan

Macau: challenges and opportunities

Carlos Álvares, CEO of Banco Nacional Ultramarino

Follow the money!

António Bilrero, Prémio

Hit the ground running!

Cristina Ramos, Communication Consultant


The challenge of working better

Filipe Alves, Editor of Jornal Económico

Family businesses: a holistic dimension

Luís Parreirão, Mota-Engil Managing Director

Vaccine nationalism and european hope

Paulo Sande, Visiting Professor at the Institute for Political Studies at the Portuguese Catholic University

My hinterland

Francisco Velez Roxo, Economist/Manager, Professor at the Portuguese Catholic University and President of the Municipal Assembly of Alter do Chão

Building trust

Ricardo David Lopes, Prémio
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António Cunha Vaz, Chairman at CV&A

Everything is happening. At a dizzying speed. Globally. Unexpectedly. Portugal is halfway through its mandate in the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.