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“I like to consider my role as the ambassador of the territory to the Council of Ministers”

Interview with Ana Abrunhosa, minister of Territorial Cohesion
In 2019, she promised to be the “ambassador” to the government for the cause of reducing the road tolls in inland regions. And she was successful. “That was my mission impossible”, Ana Abrunhosa declared, highlighting the importance of reducing the costs within those regions. The Minister of Territorial Cohesion took those regions into the interior of the Council of Ministers, establishing synergies among government sectors that would not otherwise have existed for the populations who, through option or need, live outside the major urban centres.


“It is the crowning achievement of a career”

Interview with Nuno Pinto de Magalhães, Chairman SCC
At the brewers Sociedade Central de Cervejas (SCC) for the last 47 years, 20 of which spent as Director of Communications and Institutional Relations, Nuno Pinto de Magalhães was recently elected chairman of the company that he entered as an apprentice aged 18 as a stop-gap solution having finished the then 7th grade (now the 12th grade) and having to wait for a year (Civic Service) before being able to enter the Faculty of Law. Knowing how to listen, engage in tasks with passion, apply good sense and never refuse a good conversation are some of the secrets that got him to the top.


“The long term is a succession of short terms”

Interview with António Ramalho, CEO Novo Banco
Leading the destinies of Novo Banco, António Ramalho had the sale of the institution in his hands after various failed efforts. Between the collapse of BES and his arrival, some two years went by. In 2021, he presented the first positive results: a 137 million euro profit for the first quarter.
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The Age of America First

This article was originally published in the November/December 2021 issue of Foreign Affairs Magazine and on
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“The pandemic produced a wave of great solidarity among the state’s partners”

Interview with Carolina Cerqueira, the Angolan Minister of State for Social Welfare
Having presented last July the first voluntary report from the Angolan government on the Sustainable Development Goals to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, this initiative received a warm welcome from the international community that is attentive to the efforts the country has been making to improve the popular standard of living and strengthen the rule of law under a democratic state. In interview, Carolina Cerqueira reveals the priorities of the government led by João Lourenço for the social domain with a particular emphasis on health, education, employment, social protection, justice and economic growth, among others and explains the work that has been done while accepting there is still much to do in a country where combating poverty and investing in the qualification of citizens rank very much as the prevailing priorities.

Strategy: a concept to take seriously

Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, Member of the European Parliament

The “new oil” bringing South Africa to its knees

António Mateus, Journalist

Framework and prospects for the next Bilateral Summit

Marta Betanzos Roig, Ambassador of Spain in Portugal

Beijing and Kabul: an alignment of interests

Raquel Vaz Pinto, Researcher at IPRI-NOVA Uni.

What does Afghanistan mean to us?

Bruno Cardoso Reis, Sub-director do Centro de Estudos Internacionais do ISCTE-IUL


A glance into the future

António Costa attempted to convince Catarina Martins and, above all, Jerónimo de Sousa, but only unsuccessfully. The Bloco voted against the state budget as did the PCP and the five abstentions by the PAN and the two independent MPS were not enough even to get the bill through to the phase of specialist discussion. now, after Marcelo has sounded out the parties and the council of state, this is what will follow.

Why did I decide to run for President of the Order of Economists

Pedro Reis, Candidate for the leadership of the Order of Economists

We managed to get Portugal onto the map of technology companies

Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Director of the Insurance and Pension Fund Supervisory Authority (ASF)

Natural-gas shortages threaten governments’ green goals

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of The Economist and on
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Emerging from the crisis

Álvaro Santos Pereira, OECD Director of the Department of Economics

Platforms: the Intelligent Cloud

Paulo Morgado, Cofounder of BridgeWhat

Butterfly wings

David Lopes, Manager and President of AEON TOPVALU - Japan

“We felt the need to reposition the ‘Ports of Madeira’ brand”

Interview with Paula Cabaço, President of APRAM – Administration of the Ports of the Autonomous Region of Madeira
In interviews with PRÉMIO, Paula Cabaço speaks about the repositioning of the “Ports of Madeira” brand, reflected in the slogan “Your Safe Port” and the production of new promotional materials. Stemming from the series of sanitation measures implemented within the scope of the pandemic, this message serves to strengthen the idea that these ports are safe ways of entering the region. The APRAM president also adds how the new strategy involves strengthening the proximity to companies and participating in the major world events for the sector. Digitalisation and environmental sustainability are among the other looming challenges.

Happy grapes for happy wines

Pinhal da Torre
International markets account for around 90% of Pinhal da Torre wine sales. The properties hosting the vines are located in Alpiarça, in the Tejo wine growing region. In the past, the firm strove to produce the maximum quantity. However, the objective for the last three decades has been rather different.

Tourism, the Motor of the Portuguese Economy

José Theotónio, José Theotónio, Pestana Group CEO

What now? Who is going to take charge of the business?

João Rodrigues Pena, Founder & Managing Partner at ARBORIS

Featured company

“Constructing” the future for the last 75 years

Interview with Manuel António da Mota, Founder of Mota-Engil
With a market positioning aligned with the best practices and business conduct based on ethical principles and backed up by a strategic and integrated vision on the future, Mota Engil strives to become the most international, innovative and globally competitive group. This year, the group celebrates its 75th year in business but the ambition remains the same as in its origins: continue to head down new paths for its own development.


ESG: from undelayable priority to irrefutable opportunity

Inês Sequeira Mendes, Managing Partner of Abreu Advogados

It’s the efficiency of the justice, stupid!

Nuno Azevedo Neves, DLA Piper ABBC Country Managing Partner 
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We’ll always have Paris. 100 years of Portuguese participation in the Olympic Games

Paris 2024 marca 100 anos da primeira medalha olímpica portuguesa. A contabilidade do medalheiro português começou em tons de Bronze no Hipismo com quatro cavaleiros, dois civis e dois militares e sai de Tóquio com o recorde de quatro metais preciosos ao peito, duas no atletismo, uma delas de Ouro, no judo e na canoagem. No total, Portugal contabiliza 28 medalhas, sendo 5 de Ouro, 9 de Prata e 14 de Bronze. O Atletismo é rei nas 9 modalidades galardoadas e tem o exclusivo dourado. Depois de dois diplomas na estreia do surf e skate na lista olímpica, o ‘breakdance’ português pode ir dançar a Paris.


A place made so that memories do not dissipate

The first Iberian museum dedicated to the theme of the Shoah has already welcomed over 30,000 visitors since its opening in April of this year. Hugo Vaz, curator of the Oporto Museum of the Holocaust, explained how the concept of this space of memories and the importance of “never repeating one of the darkest episodes in history”. In the meanwhile, the objective of affirming its position as a destination to visit has been achieved.

Girl MOVE Academy distinguished by UNESCO

An award for both the work and methodology developed for the education of Mozambican girls and women. A transformative movement that brings together young women of different ages and distinct phases of development to gain mutual inspiration, support and transformation.
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Reading suggestions

PRÉMIO gives you four reading suggestions for this quarter.
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An oppositional State does not allow for transformation

Joana Petiz, Editor-in-Chief of Dinheiro Vivo

Marcelo, the discreet

Sebastião Bugalho

In an unlikely pandemic success story, Europeans overtook Americans on the road to vaccination

Raphael Minder, Spain and Portugal Correspondent for The New York Times

A new stimulus for the country

João Paulo Correia, Socialist MP

The PS has no idea

João Cotrim de Figueiredo, Iniciativa Liberal MP

Time to innovate and redesign for better growth

Luís Ferreira Lopes, Consultant


More cohesive

Ricardo David Lopes, Prémio

The challenge of a new energy model

Belén Rodrigo, Prémio

The last piece of good news or the first of many?

Pedro Cativelos, Executive Director of Media4Development

Tourism in Europe during the pandemic

Larissa Göldner
The summer of 2021 brought some cheer back to the tourism sector. Mass vaccination was essential to driving the travelling “feeling”, with many European tourists only want to go back travelling after having been vaccinated against Covid-19. However, unequal vaccination rates led to an unbalanced recovery across Europe as a whole.
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António Cunha Vaz, Chairman At CV&A

We hereby close, with this October 2021 edition, the period dedicated to the commemorations of the eighteenth anniversary of CV&A