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“Tourism, TAP and airport are vital for the economic recovery”

Interview with Pedro Siza Vieira, Minister of State, of the Economy and Digital Transition
In interview with PRÉMIO, Pedro Siza Vieira, Minister of State, of the Economy and Digital Transition, speaks about the digitalisation of the economy and society, the importance of requalifying tourism for better economic growth, the business case for TAP and Lisbon’s need for a new airport. Siza Vieira furthermore highlighted the growth in foreign direct investment in Portugal, which reached its highest ever level in 2019, the growth potential of certain industrial sectors, especially healthcare and the need for Portuguese banks to finance productive investment. The economic relationships of the European Union with the rest of the world and the advantages of the connections between Portugal and the CPLP member states feature among the other themes approached.

60 years transforming Delta into the coffee of our lives

Interview with Rui Nabeiro, Founder and Chairman of Grupo Nabeiro-Delta Cafés
Delta first emerged in 1961, housed in a warehouse with a fraction over 50 square metres and three employees. Today, the Nabeiro group spans the most diverse areas: from food to hotels, automobiles to real estate. From Campo Maior, Delta set off to conquer the world and now maintains a presence in over 35 different countries spread across five countries and accounting for the jobs of 3,500 persons. This year the company, which is also a family, is commemorating its 60th anniversary.

A toast to Madeira

The fortified wine, madeira, is one of the calling-cards of the Portuguese island that gave the wine its name back in 1450. Appreciated down through history by figures such as Napoleon, Shakespeare and Churchill, madeira has become a symbol of distinction and nobility all around the world.

STCP – Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto

Ana Valado PRÉMIO asked some questions to companies in the north of the country involved in the theme of Electric Mobility and who are providing a great contribution to the development of efficient cities. Manuel Queiró Chairman of the Board of Directors Oporto...

A journey through the empire of Mário Ferreira

Interview with Mário Ferreira, Pluris Investments
Boats are the true passion and the brand image of Mário Ferreira, a businessman from northern portugal. But the business of his Pluris Investments holding company goes much further. From hotels to helicopters, the real estate industry and tourist trains on the Tua Line through different sectors such as insurance, education or agriculture and technology. His most recent business and one of the most popular was the purchase of Media Capital and TVI.

Portugal, a hymn to diversity

Who would have thought that a country with the geographical size of Portugal could have so many ‘terroirs’ for the production of great wines...

Bankinter: una historia de 55 años, cinco de ellos escritos en portugués

La historia de Bankinter comienza en plena Guerra Fría, en un momento en el que la necesidad de crear alianzas sólidas entre las dos orillas del Atlántico se sentía más que nunca debido al convulso contexto geopolítico. El 4 de Junio de 1965, dos importantes entidades financieras decidieron conjuntamente crear el Banco Intercontinental de España que, poco después, pasó a denominarse Bankinter. Estas dos instituciones fueron el Santander y el Bank of America. De las entidades financieras fundadas en España en aquel remoto año de 1965, solo Bankinter ha sobrevivido hasta ahora. Para Alberto Ramos, Country Manager de Bankinter Portugal, esta longevidad se explica en gran medida “por el enfoque permanente y la proximidad a los clientes, por la comodidad de los canales disponibles, por la solidez financiera y por la oferta de soluciones integrales e innovadoras”, características que, después de más de medio siglo, siguen formando parte del ADN del banco.

The profile of the new Leader

Mariana Branquinho, Senior Client Partner for Korn Ferry in Portugal

Mota-Engil signs strategic and Investment Partnership Agreement with China Communications Construction Company

2020 was a year of big changes for the largest Portuguese building and construction company. Mota-Engil informed the market that it had signed with China Communications Construction Company (ACPC), one of the largest infrastructure groups in the world, a...

The History of the Brand

Paulo Pereira da Silva, Renova’s CEO, compares his company with a startup, given the manner how his teams are structured, the importance of people and their talents within the organization, and Renova’s behaviour in international markets, with constant curiosity and always privileging its relationship with citizens.

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