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“Israeli creativity has to do with the fact that there is something very fundamental in the Jewish way of thinking: asking questions, challenging the...

Interview with Raphael Gamzou, Israel Ambassador
No matter one’s opinion on the policies of Israel, and the Middle East, most people would agree that in many issues it is a different country – not just of its neighbours but different from any country. But on the long run, is it Israel’s ambition to be “less different”?

“Tourism, TAP and airport are vital for the economic recovery”

Interview with Pedro Siza Vieira, Minister of State, of the Economy and Digital Transition
In interview with PRÉMIO, Pedro Siza Vieira, Minister of State, of the Economy and Digital Transition, speaks about the digitalisation of the economy and society, the importance of requalifying tourism for better economic growth, the business case for TAP and Lisbon’s need for a new airport. Siza Vieira furthermore highlighted the growth in foreign direct investment in Portugal, which reached its highest ever level in 2019, the growth potential of certain industrial sectors, especially healthcare and the need for Portuguese banks to finance productive investment. The economic relationships of the European Union with the rest of the world and the advantages of the connections between Portugal and the CPLP member states feature among the other themes approached.

“Mothers and children play a relevant role in the design of current societies”

Interview with António Vitorino, Director-General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
The Director-General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is deeply concerned about the growth of transnational crime networks following the closure of borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In an interview with PRÉMIO magazine, António Vitorino urges all states to include migrants in their national vaccination plans. And warns to the new reality that affects migration and is closely linked to climate change. “There are more and more people living internally displaced within their countries, largely due to climate change,” he says.

60 years transforming Delta into the coffee of our lives

Interview with Rui Nabeiro, Founder and Chairman of Grupo Nabeiro-Delta Cafés
Delta first emerged in 1961, housed in a warehouse with a fraction over 50 square metres and three employees. Today, the Nabeiro group spans the most diverse areas: from food to hotels, automobiles to real estate. From Campo Maior, Delta set off to conquer the world and now maintains a presence in over 35 different countries spread across five countries and accounting for the jobs of 3,500 persons. This year the company, which is also a family, is commemorating its 60th anniversary.

“A change in the paradigm of how we perceive old age is essential”

Interview with Manuel Lemos, President of União das Misericórdias Portuguesas (UMP)
The elderly support model in effect is misaligned. The profile of Portuguese society has changed greatly. People have different expectations in relationship to their own ageing, they wish to stay in their homes, maintaining their privacies and tend to master the technologies.

A toast to Madeira

The fortified wine, madeira, is one of the calling-cards of the Portuguese island that gave the wine its name back in 1450. Appreciated down through history by figures such as Napoleon, Shakespeare and Churchill, madeira has become a symbol of distinction and nobility all around the world.

“Digitalisation and technological transformation are vital to BFA

Interview with Luís Roberto Gonçalves, CEO of Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA)
The pandemic defined his first year in the leadership of the BFA Executive Commission, a situation he defined as “challenging” to which the Bank responded with “resilience and adaptation”. The priority attributed to digitalisation is to be strengthened this year in conjunction with the development of human capital and improving the efficiency of internal processes, said Luís Gonçalves, the first Angolan to lead BFA, a house that he knows very well after 27 years of employment there.

Bogotá, capital of the reactivation in Colombia

Daniel Feged*, CEO Albión Group

“We aim to launch privatisation in 2021”

Interview with Carlos Duarte, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENSA
Returning to profits in 2020, after a thorough process of financial reorganization, ENSA is currently betting on strengthening the brand and presence and wishes to ensure massification of Health insurance, without forgetting the digital channel. In an interview, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PCA, Carlos Duarte, takes stock of the first year of implementation of the Strategic Plan 2020-2022 from ENSA and outlines the priorities, including the completion of the first privatisation stage.

“We want to convey the fact that Jews helped to build Portugal”

Interview with Esther Mucznik, Founder and President of the "Tikvá Museu Judaico de Lisboa"
Telling the story of the Jewish presence in Portugal in an appealing way is the main objective of the “Tikvá Museu Judaico de Lisboa”, to open its doors in the spring of 2024. In an interview with PRÉMIO, founder and president of the “Tikvá Museu Judaico de Lisboa”, told us about this project and its importance, about architect Daniel Libeskind who will bring it to life and the reason behind using the word “Tikvá”, which means “Hope” in Hebrew, in the name of the Museum.

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