Friday, September 24, 2021


Portugal e Guiné-Bissau: O Eixo da Maledicência ou a Cooperação Estratégica

Hélder Vaz, Embaixador da Guiné-Bissau em Portugal

“Israeli creativity has to do with the fact that there is something very fundamental in the Jewish way of thinking: asking questions, challenging the...

Interview with Raphael Gamzou, Israel Ambassador
No matter one’s opinion on the policies of Israel, and the Middle East, most people would agree that in many issues it is a different country – not just of its neighbours but different from any country. But on the long run, is it Israel’s ambition to be “less different”?

The Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Blažka Kepic, Ambassador of Slovenia to Portugal

Vaccine nationalism and european hope

Paulo Sande, Visiting Professor at the Institute for Political Studies at the Portuguese Catholic University

Colombia: a land of opportunities!

Maria Elvira Pombo, Colombian Ambassador to Portugal

Mozambique and the United Nations

Pedro Comissário, Permanent Representative of Mozambique in the United Nations, in New York The world has just celebrated the turn of the year 2020. This year will figure in the annals of history as a special year. It brought huge...

A #ModernandCompetitivePortugal and a Green and Global Europe in West Africa

Vítor Sereno, Portuguese Ambassador to Senegal At the Portuguese Embassy in Dakar - covering seven countries and one million square kilometres of coastline, the Sahelian desert and located in a stable economic region where states share a single currency -...

Paraguay: Integrate to Move On

María José Argana Mateu, Paraguayan Ambassador in Portugal 2020 placed a global challenge on us and each country had to face the constraints imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic in order to protect the health of its citizens and minimize the...

Greece: Looking ahead

Ioannis Metaxas, Greek Ambassador in Portugal Now that the period of economic stability memorandums and huge sacrifices by the Greek people is over, the country has entered a new age of recovery, having established the right conditions for a sustainable...

Turning a page

Chris Sainty, British Ambassador On January 31, the UK left the European Union. This was not an ending, but a new and ambitious beginning in our relationship with European partners. It was a very important moment as we delivered on...

Artigos recentes | Recent articles

“Honne to Tatemae”

Sónia Ito, Archaeologist and Lecturer

More productivity, less stress

Erik Lassche, CEO Fullsix Portugal

Game changer?

Cristina Ramos, Communication Consultant
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