Thursday, February 2, 2023

Why did I decide to run for President of the Order of Economists

Pedro Reis, Candidate for the leadership of the Order of Economists

I decided to run for the presidency of the Order of Economists on feeling the mission and believing it is important that we help and, whenever possible, to value the role of the profession and strengthen the dynamics of the Order in such a challenging phase for the Portuguese economy such as that we are going through and shall continue to experience in forthcoming years.

I decided to stand because I believe we have the duty to serve our country in the most demanding times and the most challenging cycles, because I believe the Order holds a crucial role in defending and promoting sustainable economic and social policies, balanced, structural and ambitious.

I decided to stand because I believe that the Order can and should strive for the prestige of its professional class and for the recognition of its members because I also believe in the importance of dynamically driving a new cycle that needs to be constructive, valid and intense as regards its spirit, contribution and work respectively.

I decided to stand to make the forthcoming 25th anniversary of the Order an opportunity to provide a balance in the present and prospects for what we want to build over the next 25 years, fostering a broad discussion over the challenges for the country and the economist class so as to strengthen its presence, the dynamics and visibility of the Order in society, boosting the recognition and social prestige of the institution.

I decided to stand as candidate in order to contribute to the reflection, definition and dynamic implementation of the axes promoting development, innovation and the capacity to create employment worthy of the Portuguese economy.

I decided to stand to place sustainability and ethics at the top of the priorities of the Order and of Portuguese society, contributing to a carbon neutral Portuguese economy and aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

I decided to stand to help in promoting the development of the qualifications and financial literacy of the Portuguese and attract more economists into the Order, especially young economists to renew the structures and management bodies of the Order and rejuvenate both its thoughts and actions.

I decided to stand as candidate to deepen the reflection and debate in Portuguese society about public policies, about the integrating and humanising social agenda, about territorial cohesion and the balance in regional diversity.

I decided to stand as candidate to make the Order an advanced pole of gender equality and the affirmation of merit in its fullest sense.

Ever since I decided to stand as candidate, I have had the pleasures of counting on the honour and privilege of receiving hundreds of messages of support from the most diverse fields, sensitivities, generations, regions and specialist fields, which are a signal of hope for a project of renovation, aggregation and mobilisation.

We therefore head, all together, into the future with ambition and a smooth renovation process: because the Order needs this and our country deserves this! 

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