Friday, September 24, 2021


It’s forbidden to forbid!

This editorial is of celebration. Without any euphoria but with a great deal of pride. The business figures for 2020 were very substantial. We may once again state that, among the companies that submit their accountancy and management reporting in accordance with the law, we are not only the market leader but are above all an increasingly solid company.

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António Cunha Vaz, Chairman at CV&A


António Cunha Vaz, Chairman at CV&A The New Year starts with the usual best wishes of peace, health and love for everyone, and prosperity for the most materialist we should add. Health is particularly relevant in this year of uncertainty,...

The Eve

António Cunha Vaz, Chairman at CV&A The day before something we wish for, or not, is always relevant. This issue of Prémio is the last of the year and so, therefore, the new year’s eve issue. And what a year...

A new normality… is demanded!

António Cunha Vaz, Chairman of CV&A On March 12th, the previous issue of Prémio was duly printed and ready to be distributed. Its content was posted on its website – – but the magazine was not distributed. A pandemic...

The fast changing year

António Cunha Vaz, Presidente da CV&A Prémio is already part of the quarterly reading habits of approximately three and a half thousand people. It’s a free media that reflects responsible opinions from a number of players in markets where the...

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