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I n last year’s editorial I explained how the path taken thus far had proven worthwhile. And I may undoubtedly repeat that same message today. And this was only worthwhile thanks to the same persons: whether our clients, staff or those...

CV&A Brasil

THE ROUTE FOR A GREEN AND YELLOW JOURNEY This article could not have come on a more special date just as I am completing seven years since my arrival in Brazil. When I arrived, I faced the major challenge of building...

Grupo Albión

THE TRUE ESSENCE OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS CONSISTENCY, CREDIBILITY, TRUST AND HONESTY SINCE 1991 Since I founded Grupo Albión in Madrid in 1991 with my business partner Alejandra Moore Mayorga, the field of corporate communications has changed radically in both form and...

Grupo Albión Colômbia

COLOMBIA… AN OPPORTUNITY FOR STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION Strategic Communication has taken a different course in recent years. It has become strategically important on a global scale and is now an indispensable tool for today’s society and organisations. This was evidenced in...

Artigos recentes | Recent articles

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