Friday, September 24, 2021

18 years of making a difference

Inês Santos, Corporate Communications Sub-director at CV&A

In an inconstant year defined by the Covid-19 pandemic, which shifted the ways we live and work, CV&A holds its 18th anniversary. 18 years dedicated to building the images and reputations of our clients but also 18 years of building and consolidating a strong and differentiated brand for the communication sector.

Over the course of these noteworthy years, the evolution has taken place at the speed of the leadership that distinguishes us but also in keeping with the diversity of the team of professionals that has enriched our roles and that we have sought to continually motivate and as well as the clients who have accompanied and strengthened us.

In the year that saw the announcement of one of the greatest scientific discoveries of modern times – the complete decoding of the human genome –, 2003 saw CV&A set out its path and what would become its role in the field of communication.

With its DNA focused on consultancy and institutional and financial communication, right from the outset, this evolutionary process defined the entrance into other fields in which the healthcare sector was significant and sports even more so. To the rhythm of “with a strength that nobody can stop”, as the song for the Euro 2004 football championship went, CV&A inaugurated its participation in the organisation of large sporting events and embarked on its specialisation in organising institutional conferences, with the presence of nationally and internationally reputed speakers who, in conjunction with an equally diversified portfolio of clients, have enabled us to strengthen and deepen our distinctive role in this sector.

Thus, born into the global village generation, with the kind of constant connection that enabled the shrinkage of formerly distant distances, however, when CV&A started out down its path 18 years ago, there was not the intensity of the contemporary social networks – a paradigm that, boosted by the advent of ‘smartphones’, altered not only the ways in which we interrelate but also how we work in communication.

Initially as a way of keeping in contact, technological innovation opened the way for new challenges and to the extent of inclusively influencing those who are closest to our activities, such as the traditional media outlets that also need to adapt to this digital era and the ongoing transformations in the ways the public receive and handle information.

Such evolution opened the door on one of the greatest challenges that, in keeping with our clients, we are facing in communication, the constant exposure, the immediate information but also coupled with managing the proliferation of fake news. After all, not everything we encounter online is truthful and perhaps redoubling the importance of the traditional media continuing as defenders of credible and trustworthy information underpinning a more developed and more pluralist society.

Having now obtained its own maturity, CV&A also aims to continue contributing to this development. Far beyond the epidemic crisis that we are currently living and that has so weakened humanity, having accelerated changes and reconfigured the ways in which we work and interrelate, once again favouring the digital, within our organisational context, we emerge still further strengthened and able to continue working on behalf of better communication. Because we have experienced the personal and professional impacts of the times in which we live, we have at CV&A been able to achieve maturity in such a challenging sector, which undergoes constant evolution but positioned to confidently and capably face down the next challenges to come in forthcoming years.

As Pope Francis stated (in his message to the 54th World Media Day, 2020) “so that we do not lose ourselves, I believe we need to recover the truth of good stories: stories that edify and that do not destroy; stories that help us to reencounter the roots and the strength to be able to continue together onwards”. 

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