Sunday, February 25, 2024


We’ll always have Paris. 100 years of Portuguese participation in the Olympic Games

Paris 2024 marca 100 anos da primeira medalha olímpica portuguesa. A contabilidade do medalheiro português começou em tons de Bronze no Hipismo com quatro cavaleiros, dois civis e dois militares e sai de Tóquio com o recorde de quatro metais preciosos ao peito, duas no atletismo, uma delas de Ouro, no judo e na canoagem. No total, Portugal contabiliza 28 medalhas, sendo 5 de Ouro, 9 de Prata e 14 de Bronze. O Atletismo é rei nas 9 modalidades galardoadas e tem o exclusivo dourado. Depois de dois diplomas na estreia do surf e skate na lista olímpica, o ‘breakdance’ português pode ir dançar a Paris.

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AMO and H/Advisors – A short history

It all started 22 years ago on Madison Avenue. Three of the world’s most senior financial PR professionals met to discuss a ground-breaking alliance, that would change the shape of the communications industry.

A conversation with Henry Kissinger

Over two days in late April 2023, The Economist spent over eight hours in conversation with Dr Kissinger. Just weeks before his 100th birthday, the former secretary of state and national security adviser laid out his concerns about the risks of great power conflict and offered solutions for how to avoid it. This is a transcript of the conversation, lightly edited for clarity.

The world on the wrong path

A new geopolitical and economic order is being written through the emergence of China as an economic, military and diplomatic superpower and threatening the status of the United States. We are heading towards a multipolar world in which the search for strategic autonomy is changing the dynamics of international trade for the worse. Nothing will be more determinant to the world’s destiny over forthcoming years than the relationship between Beijing and Washington. Europe risks being a mere bystander.
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