Thursday, February 2, 2023

The program that prepares technological companies for the stock market

The 5th edition of Euronext’s TechShare, which started in September 2019, runs until May this year. This pan-European program aims at informing tech companies about the opportunities offered by capital markets and how they can prepare for an eventual IPO. This year edition welcomes innovative companies from nine countries and Portugal is represented with seven tech companies receiving insights on the advantages and requirements of listing or placing debt on capital markets.

In this issue of PRÉMIO, in addition to an introductory text by Filipa Franco, Head of Listing at Euronext Lisbon, informing us on the advantages of capital markets, we will get to know the Portuguese technological companies in this TechShare program 2019/2020 and their balance and expectations as to this program.

The 5th edition of the TechShare program has four institutional partners: the law firm Morais Leitão, CaixaBank / BPI banks, CV&A (Cunha Vaz & Associados) and PwC Consultant.

Companies wishing to participate in the recruitment process for the 6th edition of Techshare, which will take place in 2020/21, should contact Euronext Lisbon or visit the website The application period runs from April to May.

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