Friday, September 24, 2021


The end and the beginning of 2021

Bruno Rosa, Prémio

Follow the money!

António Bilrero, Prémio

Mozambique and the United Nations

Pedro Comissário, Permanent Representative of Mozambique in the United Nations, in New York The world has just celebrated the turn of the year 2020. This year will figure in the annals of history as a special year. It brought huge...

A #ModernandCompetitivePortugal and a Green and Global Europe in West Africa

Vítor Sereno, Portuguese Ambassador to Senegal At the Portuguese Embassy in Dakar - covering seven countries and one million square kilometres of coastline, the Sahelian desert and located in a stable economic region where states share a single currency -...

The Third Wave in the Azores

Pedro de Faria e Castro, Regional Undersecretary of the Presidency 2021 marks the 45th anniversary of the political and administrative autonomy of the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. The national political context that was experienced in 1976 finally allowed the...

Is the Best of Us Yet to Come?

Rosália Amorim, Journalist

After the Storm Comes the Collection

Pedro Santos Guerreiro, Journalist

A Way Out for Journalism

António Costa, Journalist at ECO If we want to sell journalism, we have to do journalism’, it is an assertion that can be read in Anglo-Saxon journalism. It is quite obvious, but media companies tend to forget it quite often....

Artigos recentes | Recent articles

“Honne to Tatemae”

Sónia Ito, Archaeologist and Lecturer

More productivity, less stress

Erik Lassche, CEO Fullsix Portugal

Game changer?

Cristina Ramos, Communication Consultant
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